Windows Vista Ultimate and Language packs


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Hi All,

I'm living in japan. Im planning to purchase a new dell laptop. They
haven't any options to provide windows Vista English edition. So I'm
forced to purchase Japanese Windows Vista. Is it possible to change
the display language to English if I install Windows Vista Ultimate. I
just tried to make Windows Vista English to another language using
language packs. But is it possible to make Japanese version to
English? Is Windows Vista English Language pack avalable?

Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

I assume (assuming now), that localized versions of Vista Ultimate should
provide all World Wide Language interfaces and this should of course include
English. So if you bought the Japanese version of Vista Ultimate, English
should be among the many choices of languages you can choose from.



I am almost in the same situation:
- I get a desktop Dell with Vista Ultimate
- So I can change to English

But have 2 questions

1. after changing to English is Windows interface + applications exactly the
same as if I had purchased an English Vista?

2. the PC comes with Office Japanese. Will the Ultimate version be able to
change to English as well?
If no, is there a way to change the version to English (e.g. from Microsoft)

Thank you

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