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Medical Billing Professionals

I'm trying to figure out how to do encryption. I have a
Digital ID. If someone I want to communicate with gets a
Digital ID also, we have to install each other's IDs in
Outlook, right? Then to selectively send encrypted
messages, when we are composing the E-Mail we select
Options, then change the Security settings, right? The
reason I ask is I tried this myself since I have
different e-mail addresses and obtained different Digital
IDs for each, downloaded them, installed them, etc. But
when I went to send an e-mail encrypted from one to the
other, it said that the Digital ID of the recipient was
missing or invalid. Any help?



Al Mulnick

Can you go over that again? I think you are trying to encrypt and what
you're missing is that when you wanted to send the message, you wanted to
use the *recipients* public key and not yours. Are you trying to encrypt or
sign the message?

Here's a nice primer as well: http://www.digitalsignature.be/outlook98.cfm#2


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