Enable Remote Desktop on this computer check box MISSING



Windows XP Home Edition V.2002 SP3
The Help for setting up RD in Windows XP says to, open System in Control
Panel, then click the Remote tab and then select the Allow users to connect
remotely to this computer check box.

I do not have that option. Under the "Remote" tab I only see "Remote
Assitance", there is no "Remote Desktop"


Sooner Al [MVP]

That's because XP Home edition can *NOT* act as a Remote Desktop [RDC]
host machine. XP Home can only act as a client. Look at using UltraVNC
as an alternative.



Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

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Danny C.

I have XP Pro and only Remote Assistance was showing too. But after I
joined the domain and set up Remote Desktop Connection and connected to it,
it now says Remote Desktop. So apparently the server updated something.
Doubt this will work for you because I don't think you can join a Domain
with XP Home.

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