Enable Outlook 2003 large PST size



I am consolidating several large PST files and need to use Outlook 2003's
capabilities to support PSTs as large as 15-20GB. Microsoft's documentation
says the default max size of a Unicode PST is 20GB. I hault at just over 4GB.
I look for the reg key edits and find I do not have the reg keys in either
policy or Hkey_current_user\software\microsoft of the registry.

Interestingly enough, I downloaded the group policy for Outlook 2003 and
find that the max file size is that which I am currently limited to. Any
ideas how to increase the max file size on my Laptop?

neo [mvp outlook]

Is your hard drive formatted FAT32? The reason that I ask is that FAT32
limits a single file to a size of 4GB. To achieve the 20GB file size, the
hard drive has to be formatted NTFS.

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