embedding fonts problem



I am making a template that should include a special font that the company
has bought. My problem is that I can not embed it in the document.
When I look at the font properties ithe embeddability for the font is
"Priview & Print embedding allowed". But even if I try to embedd the font the
document does not look the same when I open it on a computer without the
specific font.
When I look at the font it says that it is a OpenType font and Postscript
outlines and it also says that it also contains adobe CFF data.
If I try to emedd it in a pptdocument it says that it can not be embedded
because it isn´t a true type font.

I tryed to read about this and as I understand Word can not embedd
Postscript outlines or fonts that include CFF data - is this true? I need a
good argument because the person who bought the font says that it should be
embeddable in word but I can not manage to do that.


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