embedding font problem in word 2007/2010



The company I work for uses a non standard Font. When I embed the font in
Word 2007 or 2010 (docx) I have two problems:
1. If you send the document to a person that doesnt have the font and hava
a older word version the font will be replaced. so if I save the file in 2010
and open it in 2007 or 2003 on a machine that doesnt have the font it will be
replaced even if the font is true type and embedable. If I save the document
in 2010 or 2007 and uses the old fileformat (.doc) the font is correctly

2. the filesize increses for example from 166 kb (not embedded) to 1674 kb
if it is embedded. That is a lot more then the font file size.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Many thanks


Since I got an answer from MS according to this problem I will reply my own
It is a bug in the compability pack. so if you embed fonts in documents in
office 2010 and then open the file on a computer that doesnt have the font it
will not be open correctly in older word versions (including 2007).
Same problem for office 2007.
to make sure that other people can se it as you want you must save the file
in .doc-format.

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