"Invisible" font problem in Word



I've purchased a new machine with Windows 7, installed Windows 2003, but
found it didn't include the "Granite" type font that I need. I did some
searching online, found a source, and downloaded and installed Granite. It
now shows in my Windows font list, displays in my Font listing in Word
documents -- but won't show in a document when I make some type Granite. It
just shows blank spaces, and won't print to my printer or as a PDF, either.
However, if I change my printer option to the Microsoft XPS document printer
(or the fax, for that matter) the font shows OK. BTW, under the Windows
"fonts" listing for the Granite, it lists "Font Embeddability: Print and
I assume there's a reason Word isn't shaking hands properly with this new
font, but I need it for business. Any clues on getting this to work?

Beach Lover

Just a thought, have you tried changing the color of the font to see if it
will show up? Is it possible that the color is set to white?

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