Embedded Visio Objects



I'm running Word 2003. I have several Visio flow charts embedded in my
document. I used Insert>Object>From File. I have linked the file and
embedded it as an icon.

Question #1. Is there anyway, short of pasting the flow charts into the
document to have them print when I print the document?

Question #2. I have always assumed that the Visio objects became part of
the document. Is this correct. This doc will be stored on a network, but it
and the Visios were created on my PC. Do I have to store the original Visios
with the document?



1. This is not a normal function of Word, there could be a macro that could
be activated to do this. Hopefully someone with better marco skills than me
will answer this part.

2. Not correct. As per you first paragraph, you linked the files so
naturally the Visio file does not become part of the Word document. If you
only display as icon but not link the Visio file will become part of the Word
document, and so will the file size increase in proposition. If you link the
file, and send to another PC, the Visio file will not open.

Your choice as to which is paramount, file size or file accessibiliy.
Hope this helps.

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