how to insert a dedicated page (!) from Visio into WORD as an obje

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I have a visio doc with multiple pages, and I want to insert a dedicated page
from it to a word document, as an linked object, so every time I edit it, it
will automatically updated in my word document.
I found (in linked connection box) only a link to a visio document without
any possible to define the required page in it.
So - how can I define it correctly?

Graham Mayor

There are two issues here
1.Objects cannot span pages
2. Linked objects cannot link to part of the object.
Without knowing anyuthing about your Visio document, I would imagine that
you would have to save the required page as a separate Visio document and
insert that.

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well - the answer to your comment is no.
i already find a way how to connect the object:
1. in Visio select "edit->Copy Drawings
2. In Word select Paste special -> leave it as object.

thats done the job - the object will be updated any time i change the Visio
drawing, and in word i can export it, print it, move it to TOC etc.
thanks anyway

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