How to stop Word from adding new "Figure X" to linked Visio drawings every time it is closed and reo



I am using Word 2007 with linked Excel and Visio documents.

Each time I close and reopen Word, it adds a new blank "Fixure X" under
_most_ of my Visio linked documents. It does not do this with the linked
Excel documents. I then have to go through the entire document and delete
the extraneous captions.

This is a 100 page document with 30 linked Visio drawings. All drawings are
in one Visio file and if I double click on the linked drawing, it brings up
Visio and I can edit them.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Not sure where this is exactly in 2007 but in 2003 AutoCaption is under
Insert, Reference, Caption, click the AutoCaption button, ensure that none of
the options Visio is in the Microsoft listing) are checked.
This should stop the auotcaptioning next time you open.
Hope this helps

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