Excel Embedded Excel swap data when opened


Sep 12, 2013
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I have a number of slides in a ppt file, where each slide has an Excel sheet embedded on it (all embedded Excel sheets have the same format).

Very ocassionally when I open an Excel-sheet by manually double-clicking on it, the data shown in the embedded Excel sheet is changed to different data (all cells) at the very moment the Excel sheet is opened. I have found no way to restore the originally shown data - if I save, the different data is stored.

The 'different data' is equal to the data as stored in an Excel-sheet embedded on another slide in the ppt file.

If I copy the slide with the embedded Excel sheet having the problem into a new ppt file (the new ppt file comprising no other slides) then the same oddity remains.

A macro (which resides in a separate Excel-file which is open at the time the embedded Excel sheet on the ppt is opened) is called at the time data is (manually) changed in a cell of an embedded Excel sheet. I don't believe this is the problem since the macro is not called when the embedded Excel-sheet is simply opened. However, I suspect that possibly some operation, under certain circumstances, performed in the Excel sheet by the macro when data was initially entered causes the problem.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?


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