Emails stuck in outbox




Random problem. If I reply to an email and click on SEND, it goes to the
Outbox. If I open the Outbox the subject heading of the email is in capital
letters, not italics and it will not send. Sometimes if I open the email
within the outbox and click on send again, it changes to italics and then

Sometimes if I reply to an email and click on SEND, then click on
SEND/RECEIVE, without opening the Outbox, the email gets sent, but not

The problem seems to be random - sometimes emails go and sometimes not.

This problem occurred with Windows 98 and Outlook 2000. Recently I copied
the outlook.pst file to a new computer with Windows XP and Office 2003 -
same problem.

Could there be a corruption in the .pst file? I have one profile. I have two
email mail boxes. Outgoing server is BTinternet, ADSL.

Laura TD


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