Emailing through Outook from Excel


John Calder


I run Outlook 20003, Excel 2000 and WinXP

I have a spreasheet that contains a macro that allows me to send the Excel
workbook directly to a group of email addresses. When this macro is run, it
puts an email into my Outlook OUTBOX. The problem I have is that I then have
to open Outlook and go into my OUTBOX and press the send/receive button
before this email is sent.

Is there a way that when an email goes into my outbox like this that I can
let Outlook know just to send it without me actually having to go into
Outlook and press the send/recieve button?


John Calder




Outlook will not send anything unless its open
The 'mail to' opens up a stub of Outlook and adds the msg to the outbox, it
doesnt open Outlook itself, therefore the msg cannot be sent untill outlook
is actually opened.
Once outlook is opened, provided the send/receive option to do so is enabled
for on starting, and auto send/receive is set for xx minutes the msg will be

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