Email won't delete



I have an email that won't delete. When I try, a window pops up that says an
unknown error has occurred. The email did not come in properly. In the body
of the email it says:

Message could not be displayed. Windows Mail encountered an unexpected
problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or
low disk space and try again.

As this is a new computer I don't think the issue is low memory or low disk

I would like to delete the email - I cannot more or delete it.

Help would be appreciated!



Gary VanderMolen

The underlying cause of this problem is often an incompatible
antivirus program. More on that below.

To solve your immediate problem, use this fix:

To prevent future occurrences, read on:
Windows Mail is not compatible with most McAfee
or Norton security programs. Those will need to be
uninstalled, not just disabled.

After uninstalling your non-compatible antivirus, download
and install a more compatible antivirus like the free Avast:

Even compatible antivirus programs will need to have their
email scanning option turned off. For more on this topic see

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