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Good day,
Just got a new computer today, and will be venturing forth with Vista. My
question, well, my first question of what I anticipate will be many...if and
when I do an Easy Transfer of files, and if and when I do an easy transfer
companion of programs, are these files and programs simply COPIED to the new
computer, or transferred outright and no longer accessible on the old
computer? We are giving the older comp to daughter, so this is of course a
need to know before I go and do all that. Thanks in advance.



The above link should help.

You can not copy programs from one computer to another. If the software for
the programs was OEM it is tied to the original computer. If it is Retail
versions, you have to reinstall it from the original CDs to the new computer.

Instead of using EasyTransfer, I prefer to copy data to CD, Memory
Stick,etc,, and transfer that way. When you are finished, delete the files
from the old computer.

With settings, it is easier to redo them on Vista

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