Vista and Windows easy transfer



I am totaly lost! I am trying to transfer my data from my new dell vista
system which dell messed up to my now new dell vista system which dell messed
up also. Confusing I know. I need to get the data off of the first vista
system onto the second vista system. I am trying to use the windows easy
transfer companion but both systems say new system and although the system
cable is blinking green I am not getting past the Windows Easy transfer
companion (Beta) Screen where it shows you the 4 steps to follow with number
four bein run windows easy transfer companion, of which I can not figure out
how to do. What am I doing wrong. I have been fighting with trying to move
this info since 9AM this morning and am not any closer now than I was when I
got up. Can anyone help me?

Mick Murphy

Why don't you just burn your Data to CD/DVD, or copy to memory stick, exteral
And manually put your old settings on your new computer.

You are just wating time doing it your way.
WET was made to transfer data from older OS to vista!!

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