easy tranfer/language change



Acer Aspire
MFG DATE 0803 Aspire 5920G-5A4G25Mi
S/N LXAN40X8578090BF822505
Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct

I bought it on 24 May.
I selected the Greek version of Vista.
After Vista and Office installation and update, I tried to EASY TRANSFER
from my old laptop all data.
It was not able to make the transfer because the old laptop (hp Presario)
was running in other language (English XP)

There was no WARNING that once one language is selected it can not go back
and select the other.
There was no WARNING that to make the EASY TRANSFER Vista and XP must run in
the same language.

EASY TRANSFER is essential for my job (emails, addresses, favourites w
passwords and many others)
Please give me a solution. Otherwise I can not use it for the reason I have
bought it.

Thanks in advance.
Georgios Nikopoulos.

Richard G. Harper

Sorry, but there is no solution. Just as the Files and Settings Transfer
Wizard cannot cross languages in XP, EasyTransfer cannot cross languages in


Hi, I just experienced the same problem as you; my old PC is XP Norwegian and
my new is Vista English. Solution: I used Belkin easy transfer cable and
downloaded an application called "Laplink". You find it here:

Installe the software on both PCs, choose USB transfer and you are free to
move over whatever.

I transferred my emails by exporting them to a backup file on the old pc,
transferred this file to the new pc, then imported the backup file to outlook
on the new pc. Works perfect!

Your probably found another solution by now, but I hope someone can benefit
from this tip. Nice day!

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