Acer/Vista: Easy trasfer/language change



Acer Aspire
MFG DATE 0803 Aspire 5920G-5A4G25Mi
S/N LXAN40X8578090BF822505
Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct

I bought it on 24 May.
I selected the Greek version of Vista.
After Vista and Office installation and update, I tried to EASY TRANSFER
from my old laptop all data.
It was not able to make the transfer because the old laptop (hp Presario)
was running in other language (English XP)

There was no WARNING that once one language is selected it can not go back
and select the other.
There was no WARNING that to make the EASY TRANSFER Vista and XP must run in
the same language.

EASY TRANSFER is essential for my job (emails, addresses, favourites w
passwords and many others) Please give me a solution. Otherwise I can not use
it for the reason I have bought it.

Thanks in advance.

Mick Murphy

All you can do with what you have, is upgrade the Greek Vista Home Premium
version to a Greek Ultimate Vista Version, then download the English Language


Or simply transfer data manually, its not hard, just ensure you dont
overwite any outlook data files


Dear Mick

Thank you for your answer.
Microsoft support in Greece informed me that upgrating to Ultimate is not
enough becouse the base of the o/s will still be Greek. I need to buy the
English version.

Thanks Georgios


Dear DL

Thank you for your reply.
I have tried trasfering .psf files and it is working.
What about ie favorites and stored usernames and passwords.
I am running vacation rentals and I need to update my adds to about 70 sites.
Can they be transfered or they have to inserted one by one.



Acer Greece support informed me that I have to pay them 72 euro (110 usd) to
reinstall English Windows Vista Home Premium. Just becouse they forgot to put
a WARNING that once one language is selected it can not go back and select
the other. (Who can be sure that it was not "forgoten" on purpose).

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