E-mail verification



I hadn't used my Messenger for a while and when I signed in it signed in ok
but it said my e-mail address needed verification. when I clicked on the pop
up screen inthe lower right corner to 'verify' it said check my inbox for
(e-mail address removed). when i did check my mail nothing was there. Now I can't
find ANYWHERE on ANY Messenger help page anything about 'verifying' an e-mail
address. It's almost as if there is no such thing!?!!?

Jabez Gan


Please check your Spam/Bulk folder for emails from MSN (or passport.net).
Sometimes it might just end up in the Spam/Bulk folder.

FYI, the subject of that email should be: 'Please verify your Microsoft .NET
Passport e-mail address'

Copied from Help of Passport.net:

a.. If you do not verify your e-mail address within the period of time
specified in the message that appears when you sign in, you will no longer
be able to use your .NET Passport.

If you still do not receive any verification email, please contact
Passport.net : http://register.passport.com/contactus.srf?lc=1033

Hope this helps.

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