DVC 150 capture



I have a Dazzle DVC 150 analog/digital capture device.
It works fine with the moviemaker software which came
with it (MovieStar 5); but, I'm having trouble using it
with Movie Maker 2. Specifically, I hit the video capture
option under File and it tell me "no device detected
please make sure the device is hooked up or powered on".
It is, I can go straight to the other program and it
captures fine. Is this a driver issue? Seems like XP must
be acknowledging it is a capture device as it works with
the other program.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

I'm playing with a Dazzle 80 USB device and Movie Maker 2, and not having
any problems with the unit. I'm capturing at 720x480, 29.97 fps, from a Hi8
camcorder.... getting both video and audio fine.


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