Dazzle DVC-80 No Sound with Movie Maker



I'm trying to use Dazzle DVC-80 video/audio capture(USB)with Windows
Movie Maker on Win XP Pro SP2 and I get no sound. Video/Audio captures
fine with earlier versions of Windows but output is not satisfactory
because of lack of RAM and slow processor. I've downloaded a driver
update for XP still no success. My system is has 800MHz Pentium, 512
Meg RAM, 45Gb hard drive. Any suggestions?


Let me know what responses you get. I have the same problem with the same
software. Thanks


I have no problem with Dazzle DVC-90 using Pinnacle Studio. Initially I use
USB 1.1 it did not work till I use USB2.0 port.

Graham Hughes

Check out www.papajohn.org and see teh analogue capture > dazzle section.
But it may be as simple as connecting the audio out to the audio in on the
sound card.

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