Dumping a PLT file to a USB port



In the good(?) old days of not much more that hardware ports it was easy to
dump a file to a port with the command "c:\copy fred.PLT LPT1". I now need
to do this to a local USB port, or even worse, to a network plotter. Is
there any way of doing it? How do I identify the desitination (the
equivalent of LPT1 in the above command string)?

My problem arises from a need to plot large format (ex AutoCAD) drawings to
a plotter at a local bureau that does copying, printing, etc, but which does
not an application to read and print and AutoCAD .DWG file. I have borrowed
their drivers and have now created a .PLT file for that plotter, but how to I
feed it through? Dragging the PLT file onto the plotter icon doesn't seen to
work. Any suggestions (or even better - direct instructions!)?


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