Dual monitor/Ati/hardware acceleration


Peter Crem

Hi! I am trying to have dual monitors doing their thing, and they wont! >.<

My powerpoint presentation runs beautifully on monitor 1. It has hardware
accel enabled and those animations just ooze coolness.

I setup the show to show on monitor 2. and suddenly it looks like someone
gave those animations a severe case of arthritus and they are painful to

Why does my hardware acceleration dissapear for the second monitor?

This is annoying because I would really like the use of the first monitor to
for example, emergency edit the powerpoint on the fly without the windows
desktop showing up all over the projector...

I did find that if I switched the second monitor to be the primary one that
I got better (but still not as good as original) performance, but this then
causes a problem with applications loading themselves on monitor 1 (which is
now the projector) first.... which is useless to hide what I'm doing

I also found that dragging the powerrpoin program window onto the second
monitor first before starting the show also slightly improved performance,
but still obviously crappy...

so any1 have an idea whats going? my video card is Radeon 9700 Pro, it has
built in dual outputs, and i am running SP2 XP pro and who knows Office XP


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