Dual calendar entries for Outlook 2003



I have a user who needs to schedule a meeting in our main conference room.
She wants to setup the meeting on the main conf calendar and have the meeting
appear on her dept team calendar as well. There are others outside our main
office who would check the team calendar and not the main conf one to
detemine team meeting activity. Is it ossible to do this? Our admin thought
it would work by mail enabling the team calendar and having her send it an
invite as an invitee but receives system admin undeliverable replies. He
then thougth the calendar would need a mailbox. Now he isnt sure it can be
done at all. PLease advise. Yes, I know she go just do separate entries
manually...but these users are used to being catered to and this is an
expecttaion of all things. HALP!



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

if the calendar is mail enabled, sending an invite should work. How long
after mail enabling did he wait before trying? It can some time to
propagate. (15 min - overnight)

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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