Outlook 2003 calendar issues



Issue #1

We have several users that are experiencing very odd calendar
issues. All of the issues seem to involve a delegate who is trying
to make changes to another's calendar (to one they have Editor rights
to). For example, we have an admin who repeatedly has problems trying
to edit her mgr's calendar, in particular recurring items. Earlier
today she opened her mgr's calendar (we'll call him Bob) and opened a
specific meeting. She made some edits to the body of the meeting and
when she clicks Save, it throws up an error that says "The item could
not be saved because it has been modified by another user or in
another window". She then selects Do Not Save, and the window
closes. However, if she opens that meeting back up the changes she
made are actually there.

She also has a problem where when she tries to drag and drop a
recurring meeting to a new time slot, an error will appear: "Cannot
read one instance of this recurirng appt.Close and open appts and try
again, or recreate the appt".

The problem only seems to happen to her. When she gets the message,
we'll have someone else who has the same Delegate rights attempt the
same edit and it works perfectly fine.

We've tried reimaging her machine completely. We have also deleted
her frmcache.dat file, along with running the /cleanfreebusy switch
against both her and Bob's calendar. We have confirmed that she is
the only user accessing Bob's calendar (even Bob does not access his
own calendar, he lets her handle it all).She is running Outlook 2003
SP2 with all hotfixes, connecting to Exchange 2003 SP2. We have tried
both cached and non-cached mode. We do believe that Bob also use a

Issue 2:

The other issue we have is affecting several users and shared
calendars. User A will try to book a conference room by booking it as
a resource, and will see the room as available. However, User B who
manages the conf room sees it as booked, and thus declines the meeting

Again, all users are running Office 2003 SP2 with all hotfixes.
Problem occurs in both cached and non-cached mode

Issue #3:

User A manages Conf Room A, which is a shared calendar. User A
received an update to a previous meeting from User B, looking to
reschedule. User B declines the invite for Conf Room A due to a
conflict. User B claims that she never sent out an update, and in
fact, I do not see the update in her Sent Items, Deleted Items or
Dumpster. I also do not see any indication that the update was sent
in the tracking logs. It almost seems like it appeared out of no

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide


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