Dual Boot Remaining After I Re-Formatted and Installed Win2000



Hi Newbie--

I formatted whole hard drive that had XP installed on it. I then installed
win 2000 Pro. It started with the dual boot screen with XP and 2000 offered
as options. I want a fresh install of win 2000 with no XP remnants or dual
boot offereing. Can anyone help a lost soul in the wilderness?



John John - MVP

How many hard disks do you have in the computer? How many partitions do
you have on the disk(s)? To remove the dual boot options edit the
boot.ini file and remove the superfluous entry.

How to edit the Boot.ini file in Windows 2000

You can also use the Windows XP Msconfig utility to check for and remove
invalid boot paths in the boot.ini file. Just download the utility,
unzip it and place the files in your System32 folder.



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