DST Changes



After reading info on the Microsoft site and in this discussion group, I'm
still not sure I understand what the DST update prgram does and what I should
expect to see in Outlook. Apparently the update has run vis automatic
updates on my coputer, because when I attempt to run it I get a message
saying it has already been run.

Right now when I look at March 19, I see an appointment that I know was set
for 12:00 pm but it shows up as being at 1:00 pm. Once DST is actually in
effect, will this appointment automatically be adjusted back to noon? (It is
a recurring appointment.) Or what can I do, if anything, to set it for the
right time? Do all of my recurring appointments need to be deleted and


This same thing happened to me this morning, but only in a newly-
created calendar and only some recurring appointments have moved
forward one hour. I can't see what is different about those
appointments, I am at a loss.



I discovered that the general Windows update for the DST issue is not enough.
I ran a program from Microsoft call tzone.exe that updates the calendar for
the issue.

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