Outlook 2007 recurring appt. off when synced to mobile 5



Outlook 2007 recurring appointments are off by the time offset when sent by
someone else and accpeted and then synced to a windows mobile 5 device that
has the DST update applied.
The outlook calendar on the recieving "PC" is ok, but not the mobile device.
I am in Central time zone so when I sync the sent appointment to mobile that
is supposed to be at 5:00 PM it shows up at 12:00.
All Non-recurring appointments sent and then synced are fine.
I have tried this in both directions with 2 PCs both outlook 2007, one XP
Pro the other Vista, and 2 identical Mobiles.





Brian Tillman

Karen said:
I am having the same problem. Did you ever find a resolution to this

Did you apply the Windows Mobile time zone patch when it came out?

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