Drives wont read CD or DVD-ROM



Shortly after installing windows vista my computer stopped reading any dvd or
game or music cd i put in... I recieve no error message or anything it simply
acts as if I put nothing in, what could this be? and how do I fix it? I tried
installing all updates still in-affective.

Rick Rogers


You might try a CD/DVD drive lens cleaner disk. These are relatively cheap
and can be found in most stores that sell CD/DVD media. They clean the
drive's lens of minute dust and debris that can interfere with its ability
to read disks.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts



Can you tell us how the CD/DVD-ROM drive appears in Device Manager? That
is, when you view the Properties for the drive, does Device Manager indicate
that the drive is working properly?

Also, look in a special report that Vista uses to log errors. To view the
report, click on Start > All Programs > Maintenance > Problem Reports and
Solutions. Peruse the report and note any problems indicated and focus on
any solutions suggested. You might get lucky.

Mover, in Computer (formerly My Computer), confirm that the drive is listed
along with the other drives and that there is no indication of a problem,
such as a Red X affixed over the drive. Right click the drive and select
Properties and note whether any thing unusual appears there.

In addition, open Control Panel and find the area where you select
CD/DVD-Drive play options, such whether you want to play disks automatically,
that sort of thing. Look it over and make sure you have selected the proper

Post back if these steps don't resolve the problem, and we'll try harder,
if we can.


Same problem. Vista Ult 32 for my HTPC and Vista Ult 64 on my 'work' box. 5
optical drives total and all give me fits.

Won't release the previous medias info such as icons and labels. See's
factory made CD as blanks (even MS CDs when making unattended sets). I spend
more time inserting, ejecting, inserting, etc, that I can't even enjoy either

Now, firmwares are all current. Drives are 3 IDE and 2 SATA. There is no
issues with device manager and all are listed corectlly. Moved drives around
from rig tto rig trying to find a good combo with zero luck.

4 of the 5 drives worked great with XP on the SAME hardware. I even dug up
some older drives and tried them, same story. The 5th is a new Plextor SATA
with new firmware.

It's frustrating as hell. Wish I had a nickel for every time I saw a format
media box pop up when a perfectly good CD was inserted. I know this is a
VISTA issue, cause I can drop back to XP and all will be well, been there
doine that.

David Walker


I have the same problem; youre hardware is not in problem.

Here is my diagnostics,,, I have the same problem,
all my cd or dvd that were burned do not work...

by a coincidence, I install a virtual 2003 server within VMWARE Server on
my vista to do some test with exchange….(a cd that vista can not read still
in the drive), then within the virtual windows server 2003 it can read the
CD!!!! It thinks our problem is more CD format or a certain type of copy
protection that vista has by default….

I do not have a solution Yet, but hope this helps someone find a solution…

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