driver do Microsoft Access


Ned Rodriguez

During the installation of a WinTV product I had to activate a database by
going to Data Sources and selecting and adding the "driver do Microsoft
Access". I received an error message, "driver could not be found. Please
reinstall the driver:" Followed by another message, "Component not found in
registry". The Hauppauge tech support people say that this is a Windows
installation error. Is there a way to correct this without a re-installation
of the OS?

Mark L. Ferguson

Creating a DSN needs an ODBC driver that should be present. You will
probably find the ODBC app in control panel. If the Access driver is not
available, or valid, you will probably have to do a "Detect and repair"
option available from the Help menu of the Access app.

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Mark L. Ferguson

Ned Rodriguez

I'm sorry but I don't understand the "Detect and repair" portion. And by
"Access app" do you mean the program MS Access (which I don't have) or the
program I was attempting to install? I hate to be a bother but I'm really
only just a novice. Thanks, Ned

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