<Drive> Not Accessible, Incorrect Function


Jimmy Mullan

I've a Benq 1620 DVD rewriter, with a P1.7, 1GB RAM, Windows 2000 SP4
machine. Onto a 4x DVD+RW, I copied some data, using Sonic's (?
Roxio's?) DLA app, for storage; I forget whether I finalised the DVD,
I suspect not, as I'm not sure the DVD was full.

This afternoon, I wanted to read the DVD in a friend's PC (he runs
Nero), and was unable to, even in a DVD-ROM drive. On checking on my
own PC, I get the dreaded "H:\ is not accessible..... " message, so it
looks as if I have again lost the data on the DVD, as this has
happened before. <ugh>

I want to be able to do 2 things:
1, recover my data, and
2. ensure this never happens again.

If anyone had any ideas as to how to achieve either or both of the
above, I'd be forever grateful & TIA
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