Drive mapings



I have both windows and Novell boxes in the office and I am getting most off
of the Novell client and just running the windows client for Netware. The
minor problem I have is how to map drives with long names to map netware
drives to a windows XP workstation. I have a few drives that the people with
out the Novell client need to access an dthey have long names with spaces. I
can map all drives but those with long names. Can anyone tell me how I get
around that? Thanks.


Graham Prentice

You could rename the mappings once they're mapped on a WinXP w/s.
(highlight f:\this is a long dir structure - and rename to something

You could run this reg entry to place the drive letters first (then the dir
structure afterwards)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



In Disguise

You could use the MAP ROOT command in the login script. Or you could
teach them to not use such long names. ;)

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