Drive Letters After Sysprep and Clone


Larry K. Reynolds

I am setting up a number of identical W2K workstations and am making a
master drive from which I can deploy. For recovery purposes, I set up drive
C using FAT32 and drive G as NTFS and my main boot. All works well at that
point. I then sysprep and image to another HD. The new drive will boot
under C but gives me a pagefile error when I try to boot from the NTFS
partition (clearly does not find G!). I do know that if I could get to the
registry on the NTFS drive, I could change to "G" but do not know how to do
that when I am booted up on C.

Is there a quick way to solve this problem. How about setting up as C and
D, booting to D and changing the drive letter to G (in the registry) and
then rebooting?

Regards - Larry K. Reynolds



Joseph Conway [MSFT]

What happens is that even though the machine is sysprepped, we still are
going to do device enumeration normally, meaning that the other drive is
most likely being seen as either D or E, depending on the enumeration value
of the CDROM.

You could use something like WinPE to gain access to the registry and then
change the mounted devices key to reference the drive properly, or you could
change your scheme to use D:

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