Drive Image problem - Backup Image Browser



I cannot browse individual files with PowerQuest Backup Image Browser.
The backup is made on multible CD-R's (48 parts!)
When you want you show the files with PowerQuest Backup Image Browser by
selecting the V2i Drive an error occurs:

Error EC8B0022: Browsing this V2i drive is not supported.

Used CDROM drive:
Matsushita/Panasonic UJDA340

This drive is mentioned in your Supported Drives document "PQ_CDR_DVD.pdf"

Has anyone any experience with viewing (browsing) files with with PowerQuest
Backup Image Browser where the backup is made on multible CD-R's?
How do I prevent this error message?
Thanks in advance.
Michael Gruys




SammyT said:
Exactly same issue with me, but *only* 42 CDR's and an old Lite-on 32x CD-drive.
No solution at this time. Have you had success with restoring (or tried at all)?
The PQ DI7 error list does not seem to know the problem:
Is the DI7 update really worth the money ?
You tried first copying all CD-Rs back to the hard drive, then using PQ's
retrieval utility there?
A real pain, but a possible salvation if this is the only way to retrieve
an individual file from the disks.

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