DPI Desktop Scaling with Aero disabled



When Aero is enabled in Vista the desktop scaling function is much more
comprehensive then with it disabled. When Aero is enabled pretty muchy
everything renders in a larger size. When Aero is disabled it reverts back
to the XP style DPI scaling where some aspect are enlarged and some aren't.

Is there any way to give Vista a more traditional XP / 98 look and still
have the full Vista DPI scaling?

Ideally another "Windows Aero" style theme is probably the solution, but I
cannot find one on the net that exists. There has been mention og "Aero
Standard" and "Aero Basic" but looking these up on the Internet has not been
very usefull so far.

As soon as "Windows Aero" is modified in any way the scaling reverts back.

Joe cann

what you are saying is incorret....

aero dpi scalling does not scale everything as if you are using some
magnifying glass..

where did you see this???
Is there any way to give Vista a more traditional XP / 98 look and still
have the full Vista DPI scaling?

Yes, you can. First you need to download vistaglazz, a program that will
enable you to use
other themes than the default ones...

I will repost my instructions below>>>>>

vistaglazz http://www.codegazer.com/vistaglazz/ that enables you to use
other themes with vista (warning this is NOT supported by MICROSOFT since it
changes some files that handle the themes!)

Then I downloaded and used 2 vista "classic" themes that have been made so
that they use the 3d effects, so now I have the best of both worlds..
a simple clean and uncluttered interface that is like classic AND the use of
the GPU for the rendering of the desktop having all 3d functions enabled,
like flip 3d, taskbar thumbnails and dreamscene (I have ultimate)

I found the themes at deviantart.com there are 2 of them..

here is one
and this

tell me if this helps


Vista has new scaling capabilities, similar to the IE7 scaling, but as I have
found this only works with Aero switched on.

It works, try it.

I need an Aero Theme that looks like traditional XP / 98 so that we could
potentially roll out Vista to users who are having issues with high
resolution monitors, without confusing them with Vista's new look.


Thank you for the links to the themes, I had been looking for those.

No luck I'm afraid, and they looked so promising.

It appears that as soon as the colour scheme is changed from "Windows Aero"
and you get the classic appearence properties when selecting "Windows Color
and Appearance" rather than the Windows Color and appearance where you can
set the enable transparancy flag, the scaling functionality reverts back.


Why can you set the traditional rectangular Start Button on the Aero colour
scheme? I''m soooooo close to this.

Joe Cann

It works 100%, you just have to have Vista patched by vistaglazz

then you must put the theme files in the proper c/windows/resources folder

I made a video for you, along with the theme, so you can see how its done..
click the runme shortcut to see the video

I have uploaded it to rapidshare file hosting .. download it here

Along with the video I have the theme I used for the video...

As you can see after I apply this theme, aero with flip 3d is working.. all
the aspects of the accelerated aero interface are functional, along with the
DPI function as it is with aero glass default theme.

if you need any help post back


vistaglazz is a hack, I need this for business purposes.

I tried vistaglazz on my pc, it crashed as I have installed SP1 RC.
Vistaglazz is not an option here.

I'll keep looking.

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