Download files won't save


Bill Sanderson

I believe that if you write to Mike Treit--he can send you an automated tool
to collect information which can resolve this issue--it is a matter of
registry entries--not something that has to be captured as the download is

Windows Defender does need to be installed, and downloads failing, to
collect valid info, though.




I had the same problem - unable to download any files... and your fix worked
like magic.

The offending GUID {56FFCC30-D398-11D0-B2AE-00A0C908FA49} was from an old
install of Norton AntiVirus. Deleting this key cured the problem and
downloads now work fine!!!

Many thanks for the help and the cure...

Bill Sanderson

Terrific--I'm impressed that anyone was able to make use of that post.
Microsoft has some code to dig this stuff out at this point.

I'm interested to hear that your entry was from Norton. Mine, as near as
could be told, was from AVG--which has been on my machine, but was not the
current antivirus, nor even the one before that!

So--I suspect this issue can happen with a number of different vendors,
which makes spotting the precise key involved more difficult.

Thanks for posting this!

(If you want, you might could also send mail to Mike Treit directly--mtreit
@ (without the spaces)--in case he has other thoughts about
what will constitute a complete repair at this point.


MM said:

I had the same problem - unable to download any files... and your fix
like magic.

The offending GUID {56FFCC30-D398-11D0-B2AE-00A0C908FA49} was from an old
install of Norton AntiVirus. Deleting this key cured the problem and
downloads now work fine!!!

Many thanks for the help and the cure...

Bill Sanderson said:
OK--I've got a full-scale final recipe for this one, but it isn't just
chicken soup, I'm afraid:

1) start, run,

regsvr32 "c:\program files\windows defender\mpoav.dll"


Adjust the drive letter if needed for your system.

This should yield a success message. If it does not, check for typos
or mine!) and check that mpoav.dll exists in \program files\windows

2) (this is the hard part)
- Search for other IOfficeAntivirus products to repair

o Launch regedit, and search for this GUID:

§ Clsid's implementing this GUID are IOfficeAntivirus Providers

o For each key found like this:


§ Either delete the key if the product is no longer installed, or
re-register the COM object associated with it.

When I did this search in my own registry, I found the GUID in several
places, but only two keys of the form specified above--when the search
stopped on those, I backed up a couple of lines to where I could see what
product was associted with the entry--in each case it was Windows
Mind you--my machine has been "cured" already!

Here's an example.

Search stops on a key with the above GUID value, which is a subkey of
"Implemented Categories."

Above that are urlmon, shdocvw, hots, and another GUID. Backing up to
GUID I was able to see that it was associated with Windows Defender.

So--I did not need to deal with that final step of re-registering the COM
object. Frankly--I don't know how to do that at this point--so if you
up for it--do a little careful exploring of the registry and let's see
you find?


I installed Defender and found that since then my MS Publisher uses 100% of
my CPU - it will NOT scrub anything found by it AND it won't let me remove it
from my 'add or remove' program utility.

Any ideas?

Thank YoRobert.

Bill Sanderson

I'm not sure how to read this message.

1) you installed Windows Defender
2) Since then, MS Publisher has high cpu usage

3) what won't scrub what? Windows Defender?

4) What can't be removed? Is it listed in add or remove?

I'd recommend a repair install of both programs, I think. For Windows
Defender, go to add or remove programs, scroll down to Windows Defender, &
hit "click here for support information" and choose repair.

Mar 25, 2006
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I have also had download probs with defender installed

I also had a similar problem with Windows Defender allowing files to download from the internet then the program would simply disappear.

This happened with several files I was trying to download. The only solution after attemping to adjust the limited settings with windows defender was to remove the program altogether.

No further problems occured with downloading of files. I think this time Microsoft has taken away too much control of Defender making it next to useless for anyone who maintains their computers with other software i.e. Adaware, Spybot, etc.




Thank you Bill,
After reading my message it was a little obscure wasn't it --- sorry. I will
repeat message the way it should read.

1. Since dowloading defender, I have had trouble using MS Publisher in that
this program uses up 100% of memory (I have 1Gig) -

2. Defender finds spyware etc. to delete yet when I want to delete it I
press the 'button' and defender 'hangs' without doing anything.

3. I have tried to uninstall defender however after using remove and add
programs it still stays on the program list.

I hope this will read a little clearer.

Melbourne Australia


I am having this problem to and I had no idea why. I went and got an
antivirus last night and it still didn't work. (I assumed that was why it was
happening because, in relation, whenever I try to download something that
normally Windows would scan for viruses like applications, this error would
come up. Does anyone else get this?

"MpCmdRun.exe has stopped working and was closed. Microsoft will notify you
when a solution has been found."

Guess I'm gonna have to remove it too. It's nice to know I didn't get
something that was ruining my computer though. I was really freaked out when
that message kept popping up and nothing would download, not even spyware


Bill Sanderson

Call 1-866-pcsafety if you are in the U.S. or Canada and get help fixing
this. This is free help from Microsoft PSS Staff for virus, spyware, or
security patch related issues.
If you are not in the U.S. or Canada, call the number for Microsoft support
in your locale and ask for the free help with security patch, virus, or
spyware issues.

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