Domain Trust issues - No authority could be contacted for authentication




I am having an issue with a trust between 2 domains accross a vpn.
Domain A is windows 2000 with the latest SP and patches, domain B is a
windows 2003 server without sp1 and the latest security patches. When
trying to add a user from domain B to domain A, I get the following
error in the Select Users, Computers or Groups screen: "Cannot display
objects from this location because of the following error: No
Authority could be contacted for authentication" I have done the

1. ran netdiag and dcdiag on both AD controllers in domain A -
Everything is ok
2. Opened Trusts snap-in and verified trusts - Verified Success
3. Checked DNS SRV records- Everything appears to look ok.

One Note: On Domain B I can goto the Select users, computers, or
groups and see Domain A with no errors.

Thanks for the help!


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