Trust relationship


William Lo


We have a one way trust establish between Domain A (Windows 2003 network)and
domain B (Windows 2000 network), A is trusting B, so Domain B's users can
use Domain A's resources. We confirmed that file sharing and Exchange in
domain B are working, so Domain A's users can access them. Now we need to
get Citrix to work. When we tried to click the citrix icon and it had the
error: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be
contacted. I realized that you don't support Citrix here. We did the
following as a troubleshooting steps, we think the problem is a Windows or
networking problem for now.

1. We tried to logon to the Citrix server in domain A with a user account
from Domain B and we got the same error.
2. We tried to logon to the Citrix server with a Domain A user account and
grant permission to a folder for Domain B user and that's fine.
3. Logon to the Citrix server with a domain A user account and add a domain
B user to a local security group, we got the same error.

What is the difference between adding a user to a folder and adding a user
to a local group. Can you help? For the Citrix server, we have the port
389,1494,2598 and 8080 open on the citrix server. For ldap queries, is only
389 required? Thanks in advance.




Paul Bergson [MVP-DS]

Well for starters port 3389 (3389) is used for Terminal services, where as
port (1494) is used for ICA. If you really think it is a Windows issue I
would attempt to get Terminal Services working prior to Citrix.

I would suggest you post this question to (e-mail address removed), they are very
good with this. You will need to join there group but once joined you have
very skilled and knowledgeable people who should be able to assist you.

Paul Bergson
MVP - Directory Services
MCTS, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, Security+, BS CSci
2008, 2003, 2000 (Early Achiever), NT4

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