DLink DIR-655 router and Remote Assistance



A DIR-655 question:
Do you have to do anything special with the 655 to do Remote
Assistance(RA) through the router? I tried to do Vista to Vista RA
(other people have either no router or a DSL modem/router). I can send
an RA ticket and the DSL person can control my Vista machine behind the
655. I get a 'can't connect' error when the other people (router or no
router) send me a RA ticket to support them.

When I talked today with a DLink tech on a separate issue and asked him
the above questions, he said nothing special needed to be done for RA.



Jeffrey Randow

When you attempt to connect to an outside computer, you are depending
on their router or firewall configurations, not yours. So your router
should have no impact on whether you can connect to a remote
assistance session on another machine.

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