Displaying weekday in taskbar



Somehow I got my comuter to display the day of the week below the time in the
taskbar in the lower right hand corner. Now i lost it- it only shows the
time- how do I get the weekday back?


thanks- not to sound too dumb but i can only get it to go three high and
shows the date, weekday and time. any tricks to trying to get it to show only
2 rows. mine just seems to jump to three automatically. thanks :)


YW. That was what I meant - its just that when there are two rows in the
main task bar, there are three rows in the tray area.


thanks again Don...I can do the 2 twos in the main and 3 in the tray no
problem. what i cannot figure out is how i had only one row in the main task
bar and only two in the tray. any tricks?

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