Access Property sheet data missing also syntax

Aug 10, 2017
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I am just beginning to learn Access and have two questions. I was trying to use a conditional expression in the default property of a date field on a form. Somehow I lost all the data in the property sheet. The sheet displays with all the captions but the data is gone. Just a blank space after the caption. The caption column is not even highlighted like it usually is. What happened or, more importantly, how do I get the information back. Secondly, what is wrong with this expression: "IFF (WEEKDAY()=1[WORK_DATE]=DATE()-2, [WORK_DATE]=DATE()-1)" I don't want to have to enter a date when I enter the previous workday's transactions. I get an error message in the data box when I open the form and try to enter a new record. I want the default date to be 2 days before today's date if it is now Sunday and yesterday's date if today is any other day of the week. I know nothing about SQL or VBA so hopefully someone can answer in simple Access terms. Thank you so much.


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