Displaying Frontpage-made websites in other web browsers.



I am having difficulity previewing and having my Frontpage-created website in
other web browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. What is inside my
source code of the Frontpage site that is displaying incorrectly in the above
listed browsers?
Certain areas, the fonts come out completly different, the layers I created
are off the page, photos come out in completly different areas. There must be
a way to generalize my site so it works well in all, if not the most common
browsers. Half the people I work with use Safari (Mac) and FireFox (Mozilla).
Thank you in advance for your help.

Andrew Murray

Have you played with the "compatibility" settings? Under Format > options.

Some browsers don't support layers or absolute positioning or inline frames etc,

I believe only IE will display VML objects like text boxes (different from the
input type text box) or Clipart which are microsoft technologies derived from
other applications like MS Word and Publisher.

Fonts - these are displayed by the users computer, not the web site, so the user
must have them on their machine.

If it is a basic site, use tables for layout purposes, not layers.

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