Displaying content of a cell somewhere on the chart



Is it possible to display whatever value is contained within a cell (cell can
be on the same worksheet as the chart or different worksheet, I don't care)
somewhere on a chart? I would love for it to be in the title. For example, on
Worksheet A I have cell A2 containing 4 Hours. I then have a chart on that
worksheet. I would like the title of the chart to say, "Percentage completed
within:" and the display the value of A2. The value of A2 can change (it
changes the values on the chart when they do this so they can "try" different
values). But if someone cuts the chart out and pastes it in somewhere else
they will not know what the data it is showing is based on. If you can't do
it in the title, can you do it within like a text box that is part of the
chart so that at least it is on there somewhere?



Bernard Liengme

You can link a chart title (axis or main) to a cell by
selecting the title, typing = in the formula bar and clicking the cell to
generate a reference such as =Sheet1!$A$1
best wishes

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