Disk space not recovered after file deletion



I've been trying to delete some files from one of my partition on an
80 GB seagate HDD.
Windows will tell me it's too large for the Recycling Bin, so I
choose to delete them permanently, but then the resulting disk space
doesn't get freed up from the deletion of these files (ie: the
reported disk usage and disk free space remain the same on the disk
drive properties). However, when I look at the size properties of the
folder I just deleted the file from, it will reflect the fact that the
file was just deleted (ie: the folder size will be reduced by the file
that I deleted). So for whatever reason, Windows is deleting the large
files but not giving me the resulting free space back. So I ended up
with nothing - neither my data (that I've deleted) nor the HDD space
which should be freed up. Right now I'm suffering from a complete loss
of around 8 GB. Please help me. I'm using WinXP with NTFS. If anyone
can shed some light on this, that would be great.




Go to Start, Control Panel, Folder Options, View, Advanced Settings
and verify that the box before "Show hidden files and folders" is
checked and "Hide protected operating system files " is unchecked. You
may need to scroll down to see the second item. You should also make
certain that the box before "Hide extensions for known file types" is
not checked. Next in Windows Explorer make sure View, Details is
selected and then select View, Choose Details and check before Name,
Type, Total Size, and Free Space.

If you are using the Norton Protected Recycle Bin or Rollback RX Pro
these can create significant free disk space issues. The programmes
create hidden folders, which can grow to colossal sizes.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
Enquire, plan and execute




Thre might be errors in the file allocation table. Run chkdsk, either from
the Explorer tools menu (error checking) or chkdsk /f from Run on the Start

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