Free Hard Disk Space keeps changing wildly



Hard Disk Free Disk Space keeps changing wildly


Gotta a really strange problem for the last month. I`ve got a 120Gb
hard drive (Win XP Home). I have repeatedly done everything to delete
old files, uninstall old programmes, delete large folders, ran good
antivirus and good spyware programmes which all come back as clean, as
well as defragging the hard disk .I don`t use system restore. But still
my free hard disk space varies wildy , by looking via either Windows
Explorer or "C" drive , right click , properties, can vary between 15
Gb and 50Mb!
Windows keeps telling me anything from every 5 minutes to every few
hours or even directly after a re-boot/ power down that I have
sometimes as low as 40-50 Mb of free disk space left. Even when I`ve
deleted 3Gb it doesn`t seem to see it.
Other times it shows from 3Gb to 15Gb of free disk space and everything
works ok. I`m not getting any error codes other then "Low Disk Space".
It`s driving me nuts.
Has anyone got ideas what could be causing this please and what I can
do to fix this problem




I have the same problem: I deleted 9 gb when the disk has 1,2gb free. The new
free space is 500mb!!! Then i ejecuted skandisk and other programs with any

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