Disk drive letters out of synch



I originally had my firewire hard drive partitioned to drive letters
D, E, F, and G on my WinXP Pro laptop. I used TweakUI to change the My
Documents folder from C to D because the external drive is much larger
than my system drive. I recently took my laptop away from home without
the external drive and just used the C drive. I got some warnings
about the D drive not being present when I saved documents, but
otherwise I was still allowed to navigate the C drive as I pleased.

When I returned home and reattached the external drive, I noticed that
the drive letters were listed as E, F, G, and H. Absolutely no data
has been lost on my system but the My Documents folder gives me an
error when I try to access it. It's contents are now mapped to the E
drive. I tried reassigning the drive letters through the Disk
Management console but the drive letters in the pop-down list started
at E.

I'd like to know how to get my drive letters mapped to start at the
letter D, instead of E. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Right click on My Computer and select Manage. On the following screen,
click on Disk Management. The drives should appear on the right hand side
of the screen from where you can reassign their Drive Letters.

Nik Blackwell

Tsk, Tsk! He'd already mentioned that he knew how to get into Disk
Management. What I'd say is that D: is now probably assigned to your optical
(CD or DVD) drive, and so you need to re-assign than first, to make D:, etc.



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