Disk Defrag Quits after starting



When I run defrag in windows XP SP3 i quits after a few sec with this
Some files on this volime could not be defragmented.
Please check the defragmentaion report for the list of these files.

There is no list of fils. here a copy of report:

Volume SMX (C:)
Volume size = 114 GB
Cluster size = 4 KB
Used space = 66.86 GB
Free space = 47.63 GB
Percent free space = 41 %

Volume fragmentation
Total fragmentation = 0 %
File fragmentation = 0 %
Free space fragmentation = 0 %

File fragmentation
Total files = 401,804
Average file size = 180 KB
Total fragmented files = 1
Total excess fragments = 309
Average fragments per file = 1.00

Pagefile fragmentation
Pagefile size = 1.50 GB
Total fragments = 1

Folder fragmentation
Total folders = 8,285
Fragmented folders = 1
Excess folder fragments = 0

Master File Table (MFT) fragmentation
Total MFT size = 413 MB
MFT record count = 410,543
Percent MFT in use = 96 %
Total MFT fragments = 2

Fragments File Size Files that cannot be defragmented

I tried this in safe mode also & still quits with same message. This is
normal or another one of Microsoft's famous bugs?


db.·.. >

there are some system files
that microsoft won't defrag,
like your master file table
(MFT) and i think the page
file won't be defragged as well.

there is a nifty utility called
pagedefrag from microsoft.com
and with it you can defrag
the pagefile and the registry
upon each bootup.


another suggestion i have
is to split your harddrive in
half and move all your personal
files off the system drive (c) and
onto the new partitions (d).

this will be more helpful with
managing your disk and file

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