disabling default "text to columns" while *.csv file opening



Does anybody knows how to disable this "feature" - every time I open csv file
I get it opened with text to columns sorted, the problem is that this does
data format check while opening and does not allow to change format of
cells.. I found one workaround - to import data to blank sheet but this is
annoyinig and time consumptive (I have to open a lot of csv files every day).
Does anybody knows how to disable it? I would be happy if I could just open
ths csv file and have data unsorted, in one cell delimited with semicolon..
I've performed some diig for answer through the websites - changing file
extension does not help, neither opening it with shift pressed, I do not have
KB943985 installed and hotfix for that does not solve this issue.. Please
help me cause now I am running out of new ideas how to get rid of this
annoying thing.
Thank you all in advance




Try to rename *.csv files to *.txt before opening. Excel considers .csv files
as "native" Excel format and run its sometimes unwanted converting feature.
In case of txt files the OpenTxt wizard comes up and you can switch off


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