Open csv file with Leading Zeros



Does anybody have any ideas that would force Excel to format all
columns in a csv file as text, especially columns that look like
numbers and have leading zeros?

I need to be able to double click on a csv file and open the entire
file as text. Some of the columns have leading zeros and we need to
keep them.

Now here is my problem:
An ERP application creates the csv files. The users can see the files
and open them in Excel (2007) as long as they do it within the ERP

Things the users can not do:
rename the file with the .txt extension
move the file to a different directory
Open the file via Data>Via Text>etc
Use any other application to open the file

I have tried the following modifications to the personal workbook
without any luck:
format the columns as text
Run a macro when the personal workbook is opened to format the columns
as text

On the back burner:
Changing the associated program for csv files to notepad.
Administrator move the files to a public directory and rename with txt


James Ravenswood

If you REALLY need to use the double-click, then its best to rename
the files as .txt.

This will force the Import Wizard to appear. You can tell the Wizard
that the columns are Text.

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