CSV File - Leading Zeros



I am opening a common delimted file in Excel and formating 2 fields as "text"
to retain leading zeros. They appear correctly in Excel. I then need to
save as a "csv" file and retain the leading zeros. How can I do this? The
zero's always drop off in the csv file when retrieved again in excel.




do you need to save the csv every time, if you save I agree it will remove
the zeros.

There is no perfect solution to this but if your file format is standard,
you may consider preparing a excel template with the repeate, concencanate
and left and right formula.

This will fill a particular cell with appropriate number of zeros base on
the number of digits you have in the cell.


Dave Peterson

Rename your .csv file to .txt and when you import it, you can tell excel to
treat the field as text.

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